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Garantinį aptarnavimą atliekame tik ACC Distribution parduotiems įrenginiams

Reikalingas pirkimo dokumentas, komplektacija.

Negarantinio aptarnavimo paslaugą galime pasiūlyti visiems įrenginiams nesvarbu iš kur buvo įsigytas

Įrenginį į serviso centrą turi pristatyti pats klientas.

Negalint to padaryti galime pasiūlyti mokamą paėmimo paslaugą. 



Did You Know......

  • Warranty valid only with purchase document (invoice, cheque and etc.).
  • In warranty repair cooling system cleaning/ repair are for free. 
  • Some case, frame, housing damages are approved by warranty.
  • ALL components are testing in warranty cases.
  • Only legal operating system is installing in our service.
  • Manufacturer and service center are not responsible for data loss. Periodically make data Back Up to another media.
  • Battery has a limited warranty period. You can always check battery's warranty period in manual. Natural capacity decrease is a normal process

Authorized service 

Warranty and post-warranty repair service center

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